Our Adoption Story: The Surprise

So we left the hospital, exhausted, overwhelmed, overjoyed. We headed across the bridge to Vedran’s parents house.  We knew they’d be sitting on their backporch, Bosnian paradise, his mom having her coffee before work and dad winding down to go to bed.  We parked across the street in the church parking lot and heard Vedran’s dad close the door to his work van.  Vedran hollered something in Bosnian from across the street.  I thought his dad was going to have a heart attack.  He hugged us both and we headed to the back porch to see mom and tell them the good news.

They, of course, were just completely overjoyed.  We visited and waited on Damir and Trula to arrive.  We shared pictures of our perfect little bundle of joy.  We told them about his crazy entrance into this world.  Once Trula and Damir got there, I hugged their necks and went to bed.  I couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer. I went to bed in my clothes and woke up in my nightgown 10 hours later.  Vedran swears that I changed clothes myself but I remember nothing.

Upon waking, we were both chomping at the bit to get STRAIGHT back to the hospital. They were going to keep Avery for 5 days just because of some complications that happened during birth.  This was a blessing in disguise. This gave us 5 days.  We had five days with nurses at our disposal to answer questions, give advice and teach us how to be calm.  This gave us time to gain confidence that he was going to be just fine if we slept while he slept.  This also allowed us processing time, time to melt down and become overwhelmed with joy.

We were able to enjoy our sweet bundle of joy and share him with no one.  We thoroughly enjoyed that time, knowing that once we brought him out into the world, there were so many people ready to share the love.  It’s been 4 months and my love grows more and more every day.


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