You ever carry around a bunch of change in your pocket or purse?  It’s heavy, lunky, uncomfortable…doesn’t seem to serve much of a purpose.  When you take that change out though, and collect it in a jar, it accumulates quickly into something useful.  Vedran and I collect and save our change.  It’s paid for new tires, medical bills, house repairs, home study fees.  Oh man!  While you’re carrying around that change though, it’s heavy, it’s uncomfortable, it’s a burden.

I guess that’s what change is.  Change is uncomfortable, all consuming but oh so necessary.

When I think about the change that occurred when I got that diagnosis of the “Big C”, I still become overwhelmed.  I become terribly sad for my loss.  There are still days where I feel like I’m drowning.  This isn’t the life I wanted, this isn’t the life I hoped for. This IS the life I was given though.  This IS the life I’m living.  So when a dollar is broken, you make change.  When a life gets broken, you make change.

Our lives have been full of change, especially lately.  In the last 3 years we’ve changed jobs (me, a couple times), changed states, scenery, homes.  It’s been uncomfortable.  When change begins, you hate it.  No one likes being the “new guy”.  No one likes feeling “clueless”.  You have to keep the end in mind.  Change is exciting.  Change leads to amazing things;  financial freedom, new friends, flexibility of schedule and many other joys.

So, here’s to change!  May you embrace it, collect it and love it.  I’ve always enjoyed change, both figuratively and literally.