Unexpected treasures…

It was Covered Bridge season and I was on the hunt for cheap, old dressers to refinish for the baby’s room. Then I saw them, an antique bedroom set that was just breathtaking. They were perfect. They didn’t need anything but a dusting. Cousin Sarah was with me and she convinced me to buy them, Vedran could be mad later, but he probably wouldn’t be. So I scrambled to get a truck and muscles and they came home. Vedran loved them and said “You did good baby.”

They were the start of the nursery that we weren’t going to prepare. I couldn’t bare the thought of an empty nursery. Funny enough though, those pieces breathed life into my dreams. I began cleaning, buying and planning. I quilted bedding, bought pictures, painted letters. Cousin Ryan painted a woodland scene, Vedran hung pictures and moved furniture.  It is ready.

But unlike the empty drawers of the dresser, my heart is full. Full of love, hope, and maybe a little bit of anxiety. So, we wait for the phone call but we also continue to live and love. We are here and we are ready!


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