Where am I? 

Nothing really prepares you for adulthood. Like, I still keep thinking, “Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel like an adult!” Don’t get me wrong, I’ve thought that I’ve been an adult! Remember college? I’m pretty sure I knew I was an adult. I was sitting on a barstool in my brand new mini skirt, tube top and hooker heels drinking Citron and water (because carbs) discussing the latest politics with my best friends. We had arrived…or so we thought. 

Then came college graduation, a big girl job, my own apartment, a real paycheck. Yes! This is it! I’m an adult! Nope, still not…still irresponsible. Will it be home ownership, marriage, kids? What makes one an adult? I have no idea! 

Now, living down the driveway from your parents is a sure fire way to NEVER feel like an adult! They will always pull that rug out from under you making you realize that you are, still, in fact that irresponsible child. Or you’ll inevitably walk up the driveway when they aren’t home just to see if they have anything to eat. They always have the best leftovers. 

Why this random blog post? Because I’ve been sitting on the couch tonight thinking about what I want to do when I grow up. What do I want to accomplish? Time is ticking away and I’ve got shit to do! So, here I sit, a giant woman child struggling through this thing called life, adulthood. 


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