I feel like I need to post about friendship this week because, well, I’ve been more than blessed in this area of my life. I have people. People to go to with exciting news or frustrations. I am one lucky lady. 

I want to too about those friends that transcend the title of friends and are really family. They’re those people that know your heart. The ones that will love you unconditionally no matter where you are in life, or on the globe. I have 4.

Julie and Ashlee: These girls have been my ride or dies since 1990. We grew up together in the era of three way calling. We scheduled classes together, in high school then still in college. We spent our weekends in college eating Arby’s then manning our barstools at the Terminal until closing time. Their family is my family and vice versa. We are really more sisters than friends. When we are able to find time to get together, let the good times roll. Our husbands may claim that we speak a different language. Their is usually more laughter than words anyway. We sometimes get annoyed with one another but I wouldn’t want to navigate this thing called life without them. Whoever said “Three is a crowd” never hung out with us.

Kim: We met during her first year of teaching. She is vibrant, energetic and oh so funny. I think we sealed our friendship when she was moved to another school and I invited her and her husband to go fishing with us. David and Vedran became quick friends and it was the beginning of an era. Later, after she came back to HCE, we often after every meal together. We’d have breakfast in the classroom, lunch in the lounge and then dinner with the husbands. Sometimes this would happen for days on end. This girl makes me laugh like no other (sometimes so hard that I toot). Oh, and we have got into some serious shenanigans. We have taken the long way to AMI and followed men with face tattoos behind buildings for a good deal. We don’t get to talk often, but when we do, it’s as if no time has passed. 

Amber: Oh Amber! We became adults together. We met at new teacher orientation, she was also from Indiana, so we clung to each other. We were fresh out of college, 1,000 miles away from home, with adult paychecks. In the beginning we spent our nights out and our days recovering by the pool. We ate more Taco Bell than should be legal. We had joys and heartaches. We met our husbands and got married. Our lives went from wild and crazy to game nights and falling asleep on the couch watching a movie. This is a girl that I could spend all day with and not say a word and be happy. I’m pretty sure if Netflix had been a thing 9 years ago, we’d have invented binge watching. Of all the things I miss about Florida, I miss her most. 

I’ve had the privilege to see or talk to all four of these ladies this week. It was just the reminder I needed that I am beyond blessed!


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