This week in review…

It’s felt like Friday since Tuesday.  Slow down, enjoy life, take time to smell the roses.  Yeah yeah!  Sometimes, though, there are just those weeks that make you ready for next week.  Have you ever seen the toddler throwing a tantrum in the grocery store?  Several things come to mind when I see them.

1.)  Those poor parents:  How embarrassing to have your child throwing a fit like that in public.

2.)  Those terrible parents:  I would never let my child throw a fit like that in public.  (You don’t have to comment.  I know they will. 🙂 )

3.)  UGH!:  Can’t a girl grocery shop in peace?

4.) Yup!: I feel ya kid!  I’d throw a kicking, screaming tantrum right here in the middle of this aisle with you if I could.

I think we can all honestly say that we have thought every one of these, and maybe a few more.  This week, I’m feeling number 4. I’m ready to throw and adult sized tantrum and have the principal called on me.

This week has been a rough one.  I can’t pin point the ONE thing that’s made it rough.  I’ve just been extra weepy, sentimental, needy.  My husband works swing shift and we live our life 2 weeks at a time.  This is week #2 on second shift with lots of overtime, meaning we won’t have seen each other for 13 days.  All communication is via email or rushed conversations while my students are at specials.  They are usually in list form.  You do this, this and this and I’ll do this and that.  When my husband does get home, I’m in my best sleep and I’m bitching at him to turn the light off, stop playing with the dogs, seriously….hot pockets at 2 am? This morning it was his terrible breathing as a result of being extremely sick. He stormed off to sleep on the couch while I slumbered peacefully for another hour.  Boy, did I feel awful when I woke up to the sweetest note from him on my makeup bag!  Some weeks are just like that.

So, we’ve got 3 more evenings apart during this long stretch and life will go back to normal.  I’ll have my husband home each evening to snuggle, talk to and play games with.  So, starting Sunday, life can slow down a bit and I’ll gladly smell the roses.



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