Dysfunctional family…

I always thought I had a dysfunctional family. My parents have been divorced and remarried for as long as I can remember. The holidays consisted of me being shuffled back and forth between four different family Christmases. Sometimes this was overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting. It is still all of those things plus now we add my husband’s family into the mix. Sometimes we have to skip seeing certain people. We can’t be all places at once and sometimes we just have to learn to say we’re sorry that we can’t make it. The holidays bring a certain amount of stress and exhaustion trying to see all the people and do all the things. Wow! This post is depressing. I’m not done yet!

Here’s what I know now. My family is not dysfunctional, we’re unconventional. And we are unconventional in the best way possible. I’ve never really felt like a “step”kid. I’ve always been very much a part of all of my families. I see that there is more love surrounding me on a daily basis than most people experience in a lifetime. All four of my parents can get together and have fun for the common good…ME!

This adoption process has brought a lot of feelings of worry. Will our child feel different? Unaccepted? When I say it aloud I realize how ridiculous this notion is. I’ve been “adopted” by several families and have never really felt like an outsider. All families are different. All families have their own dysfunction. My family though, my family is special!


Do you see the love?


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