Best friends, text messages and turbulence…

There’s something to be said about friendship. I’ve had the same two best friends since 2nd grade. We’ve been through just about everything together and we’re pretty awesome. Just ask us! As kids, three way calling was the shiz. We’d spend hours on the phone talking nonsense, dreams, gossip.

Today, it’s a group text. I start my morning with these two ladies and end my day with them. It’s a marriage of sort. I’m sure our husbands collectively roll their eyes when they hear the ding of a text message. ¬†We greet each other good morning, vent about our day at work, make plans of how to become ladies who lunch, then wish each other a good night. They are my people.

Last night, one friend went radio silent as she had a baby. I can’t tell you how crazy it made me. How was she? I need her to be funny, texting always. I rely on them. I was being selfish. This morning, I called her. She’s great. A mama now. She’s traumatized from an intense labor. I just needed to know that she was okay.

So I’m sitting here on a plane to Florida. We hit a little rough patch and I am working really hard not to freak out. Since the “terrible awful” I just don’t handle turbulence very well. I know that anything can go wrong at any minute. In my heart of hearts, I knew that Mo and baby were just fine but I needed to hear it.

It’s funny what life can do to us. They say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Maybe. But what happens to meat as you pound it over and over. It becomes softer, more tender…maybe more delicious. I think people are like that. Yes, I am stronger but I am also softer. I have a kind of empathy that makes my heart ache for others in a way I’ve never known. I don’t want anyone to have to experience what I have. I don’t ever want to see any of my people sad or hurt or scared.

So, here’s to my ladies! Our relationship has gone from slip and slides, cruising the bash, and barstools to marriage, babies and adulting. May we always keep each other grounded but a little bit crazy!