That glow….

A co-worker asked me today if I’d been tanning because I had that glow. Well, if you know me, you know that I wouldn’t be caught anywhere near a tanning bed. Those things WILL kill you! I joked that I was pregnant and she said “Well, in a weird way, you could be” and she’s right. 

I know what that glow is though. I’m happy, I’m content…life is just right! I honestly can’t remember the last time that I could say that I was genuinely happy with every single aspect of my life. My job is great, my students are high maintenance but sweet and hilarious. My marriage is getting better every day…I mean truly going from good to great. My body, well, it’s still all kinds of chunky, but it’s alive and strong and feels really good! This is the first time that I am loving the skin that I’m in. 

So, here I am, telling you to step back from your duties and enjoy this life…right now! Put down the dishes and turn on the music and dance! Dance with your kids, your spouse, your pets, yourself. 


Making your bed…

How many of you make your bed every morning? My mom used to tell us to, I’d moan and groan and sometimes just shut my door, hoping she wouldn’t find out. Now, as an adult, I really do enjoy a made bed. We make our bed most mornings. If we don’t make it in the morning, I make it right before I get into it at night. Okay Jenni, get to the point.

Yesterday, I spent the day with my best friend of 25 years. We had a blast, ate fatty foods, bought hand warmers and floral beads (weird?! I know right!) and had poignant, soul searching conversations about hopes, dreams, frustrations, regrets, and faith. So, we’ve all heard the phrase “You’ve made your bed, now…” How many of us take that much ownership in our own lives? This is the life I created, I better live it. The problem is that we share this bed with so many others, friends, family, work, life. So it’s easy to place blame on someone else for your unmade bed. (My dogs like to unmake the bed after I make it. They aren’t allowed in the bedroom during the day anymore.) Sometimes it’s warranted…cancer, death, tragedy…we can’t always help those. But most other things are in our control. My favorite mornings are the ones where Vedran and I make the bed together. It doesn’t happen often but it’s always so nice. He makes his side, I make mine, we meet in the middle to kiss. We both take ownership of the shortcomings in our marriage. I have to say, after 5 years, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Why is that? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because we’ve been through some shizz in our short time together, maybe it’s because we are both committed to making it work, maybe it’s because we’re head over heels for one another.

Take ownership of your life, your attitude, your choices. I could easily slip into a deep depression, stop going to work, let my marriage fall apart and my house fill with trash but that wouldn’t be cancer’s fault. That would be MY choice. I am surrounded by so many strong people who have endured tragedy and continue to live the best life they are in spite of it. I wake up each morning, make my bed and make the choice to have a good day. I don’t let outsiders into my “bed”. (Shut up guys!)

The moral of the story? Make your freaking bed!! Seriously, do it! (Take ownership of your life too, no one else can do it for you.)