Adoption….it’s a trap!

Today, I spent some time contacting our agencies. What did I ask for? More paperwork. When I say that we are paper pregnant, I’m not kidding. If I stuffed all of the paperwork that we have done, are doing and will do up my shirt…I’d have a baby bump to rival all baby bumps. (Bump to baby picture idea?….NO!) it feels like the paperwork will never end. It’s nice to keep busy but it’s difficult to think about anything else. 
Okay, so I am excited about our adoption journey. Yes, I vent. Yes, I get frustrated. Yes, I drag my feet. I want to enjoy this, I want to cherish every moment. I sit here now looking at our finished profile. Three months in the making it has been the cause of blood, sweat and oh so many tears. I am so glad that it’s done, but I’m worried that it may not be perfect. Does it get the point across that we are awesome? Does it stand out? Oh, worry. 

I may not get to go through a pregnancy, but I’m going through a different process. The finished profile makes this all more real. I’m going to take this as baby’s first flutters in my belly. I may not feel the kicks and the hiccups and the heartburn but I sure do feel the flutters. Being paper pregnant is miserable and wonderful all at the same time. So I’ll prop my feet up and do what only a paper pregnant woman can do…have a glass of wine.


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