It’s about time….

Ahhh…the sweet relief of summer break, how I’ve missed you. This is the first summer in 7 years that I’ve been excited about. I have spent every summer teaching summer school, running summer school, rushing to get everything ready for summer school. It was just more stress, more of the same. Last summer was supposed to be awesome, then cancer…enough said.

But this summer….OH this summer…it’s going to be awesome. What am I going to do? WHATEVER I WANT! We do have that whole adoption thing to get ready for but the rush can wait. We’ve waited 32 years, what’s another week or two. We have our meeting with our adoption planner on June 9th. This is when we will make our plan, create our profile, decide which agencies we are going to sign up with. Then after that, we will precede with our homestudy. I’m feeling positive about all of this. If it takes us years to become parents, okay…if it takes us weeks to become parents, okay. We are ready whenever.

So this summer, is going to be awesome! You may find me cleaning out a cabinet, typing away on our profile, watching a series on Netflix, making appointments to get everything ready for baby, floating in the lake with a cold drink or a plethora of other things. Just know, that this summer, wherever I am and whatever I’m doing is EXACTLY where I want to be…and I haven’t felt that awesomeness in quite some time.


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