Silver Linings…

Last week, I posted my letter to cancer. It felt good. I’m ready to be rid of it. Another thing that cancer has given me is an appreciation, an overwhelming joy of the good in the people that surround us in our daily lives. I have been beyond blessed in this life. I had a seemingly perfect childhood with all the wonderful experiences that children should have. My college years were amazing, a great education with some wild fun mixed in. Then, on a leap of faith, I moved to Florida to teach. I landed at a most fantastic school with the best staff around. Those people instantly became my family, my best friends, my loves. They saw me through home sickness, bad dates, break ups and eventually, finding my love. Oh my love, Vedran! I could name a million reasons why I love that man. He’s patient, caring, loving. He “gets” me and my crazy. I first fell in love with him when I realized his commitment and love for his own family and then mine. I mean really, who doesn’t want a family man? So after much thought, deliberation, and list making we decided to take another leap of faith and move back to Indiana to be closer to my family and begin building a family of my own. (I really wanted to raise our children in a small town with the wonderful childhood that I had.) Blessings continued. I was blessed to get a job at one of our small town elementary schools teaching first grade. I was challenged each day to become a better me for these children. I was blessed with meeting a whole new staff that embraced me, and made me feel lucky to be where I was. When I got the cancer news from the Dr., these people, who had only known me just a short time, showered me with love, prayers and support. Here I was, in the worst time of my life, and I wanted to be at work. I felt safe there, loved there, normal. I was placed there for a reason.

My counselor and I have talked extensively about the stages of grief. I’ve experienced them all over and over again. I’m sure there will be days that I’ll have a sad moment. That’s okay. Through all of this, I see the good in so many people. I feel the love and I feel more blessed than I ever have before. This is all part of a bigger plan, that I know.

If you had told me 6 months ago that there would be a silver lining, I’d have rolled my eyes. No good can come from any of this. Today, I see the silver lining. It is you! You, reading this, you are my silver lining. You have blessed me with your prayers, love and support.

So, we move on to our journey of adoption. If you’d like, you can help us build our family by donating at
If you aren’t able to donate, your love, prayers and support have been felt. Don’t stop there, SHARE SHARE SHARE!!


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