Live with intention

Six months ago, my life changed forever. So let’s back up. Before that day, I had a plan. I woke up every day with that plan in mind. I did what I had to do to work toward that goal, that life. Life essentially was easy. I woke up with nothing to complain about, yet I found things. I had no reason to ever be in a bad mood, yet sometimes, I was.

Fast forward to today. Life is not so easy. I have to wake up every morning and make a conscious effort to be happy, not complain and be grateful for what I’ve been given. I don’t take near as much for granted anymore. What I’m saying is, I’m living a better life after cancer than before. I’m living with purpose and intention. I’m having to work at this thing called life. And sometimes, having to work at something makes it much more precious. I have to work every day to not be mad, bitter, and angry. It might be easy to give in to those feelings but it would still suck up as much of my life. And let’s be honest, people who are mad, bitter and angry don’t have very much fun. I want to have fun.

So today, as I hobble around because I did 13.1 miles without training. I’m going to be grateful. I’m proud of my body for doing it, I’m proud of me for not making an excuse. Life is too short to pass up opportunities. Yesterday, I got blisters, a sore body and chafing in places we won’t talk about. I also got a fabulous walking tour of Indianapolis, 4 hours with my mom, I got to watch other people accomplish goals that they’d set for themselves, and I got a medal. Growing up, mom and dad would often ask us after we’d done some meaningless chore and bragged about it “Would you like a medal or a chest to pin it on?” Being small chested, I always said the latter. But really, the medal is pretty awesome. It feels good to have a tangible reward for an accomplishment. (Side bar: this medal is one in a series of 4, so I guess I have to do the next 3 also.)

So today, live your life with intention. Make a choice to make today your best day. Then do it again tomorrow. I think you’ll be surprised. It feels good to dance in the grocery store, laugh so hard at yourself that you can’t breathe, take that selfie and post for the whole world to see. It’s YOUR life!