Sometimes I forget…..

Sometimes I forget that my life will never be the same. I go about my day, with a smile on my face and a song in my heart, nothing could stop me. I think about the beautiful family that Vedran and I will have together. The vacations that we will take camping, to Disney, hotels with an indoor pool when the winter weather makes us crazy. My life is the same.

Then something happens, it may be a beautiful pregnant woman, a song, a baby or nothing and I fall apart. Sadness grips me that brings me to my knees. I am still mourning. Mourning the loss of that beautiful baby that I will never have, those announcements that I will never send, those photos that I will never take. Vedran and I had names picked out for our children. I feel like those children have died and those names can not be used if we are able to adopt. Maybe that’s silly, it probably is. Maybe I’ll get over it, maybe I won’t.

I’ve been so very sad at the passing of Robin Williams. I can only hope it will bring to light some of the struggles that people face. Everyone has demons that they battle every day. Some are more wicked and deep than others. Even through laughter, smiles and jokes…someone may be aching.

As humans, we have to make it our job to help each other, everyone. Be kind to everyone….EVERYONE! Not just the people like you, same religion, color, size, sexual orientation, but everyone! Smiles are free, kindness is free, a listening ear is free. Are you doing YOUR part to make the world better? I’m not perfect and some days I struggle, but I always try to give everyone my best self every day. I’m asking you to do the same.


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