Look both ways…

The other day I was taking the back roads home from town. I came upon a railroad crossing. The arms were up, the lights were off and there was no train in sight but I stopped anyway. I looked both ways, I looked again and then I almost turned around to take a different route without tracks. Panic ensued. I was seriously afraid that a train would appear out of thin air and hit me at 100 miles per hour. That’s what cancer did to me. I’ve seen too many friends and acquaintances get hit by a “train” out of nowhere. But really, none of us ever know.

Am I going to stop living life, stop going to the doctor, stop doing anything fun because I might get hit by a “train”? Absolutely not. I’m going to enjoy every precious moment that I can. I got hit by a train and I got right back up. No, I will never be the same, but maybe I’ll be better. I think of all the moments that I’ve missed before because I’d just rather be comfy at home. Not anymore! I’m going to go, do, and see. Home will always be here when I need a soft place to fall. Last night my husband and I stayed up way too late watching movies, we even went on a midnight drive just because. So, if anyone wants to jump out of a plane, race go karts or take an impromptu road trip, count me in. I’ve finally learned that it just isn’t worth it to sweat the small stuff. I hope I can remember this when the school year begins.


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