The universe knows….

The universe knows when I need a distraction. Having my in-laws here last week was a total blessing for so many reasons. I missed them so very much and just being with them was so good for my soul. It got me up and moving and being as normal as possible. It was a well needed distraction from thinking about Wednesday’s Dr. Appointment. I really don’t think I missed a beat last week. I may have overdone it a bit at first, but I hung right with the party! I’m kind of like that song….”Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride, Nobody’s gonna slow me down. Oh no, I’ve got to keep on moving!” (You’re welcome! You’ll be singing that the rest of the evening!)

I’m ready to get back to moving, walking, dancing, working out. I’m ready to get my life back. Everyone comments on how well I’m doing. I suppose they’re right. I am doing remarkably well. That doesn’t mean I don’t have hurdles ahead. I’m still extremely sad and devastated about what I’ve lost. I want nothing more than to be a mother and for Vedran to be a father. I still cry, often. The urgency is gone though. I can not hurry this along. In time, we will figure out a new plan, but right now, we wait for news. We look forward to small moments together.

So, I remind myself again. Wednesday’s appointment will bring news…good, bad, indifferent. It will probably also bring more waiting, but I’m learning to be more okay with that. I have 4 more weeks of summer to enjoy and I intend on doing just that!


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