Some answers…..some questions….

Mom and I met with the surgeon today. Aside from the very looooong wait, it went… well as an appointment with an oncologist can go. He was very nice and realistic. This is an extremely rare cancer, so he has some research to do as far as follow up and further treatments go. I feel like he cares about ME and wants to be sure that the benefits will far outweigh the risks. He wants to hear what the pathologist says about everything before making any set in stone decisions. I feel like he wants to keep my bladder as unharmed as possible. (Everything down there is very messy, and VERY close together!)

Surgery is still scheduled for the 13th, pending a colonoscopy. Yeah, you read it right….a colonoscopy. There isn’t going to be an untouched orifice left on this body, but I’ll be squeaky clean, inside and out.

Despite the stress of the day mom and I laughed, joked….and really didn’t cry. Life still goes on and will continue to do so. I choose laughter….because really, laughing feels good. Nothing too profound for today.


2 thoughts on “Some answers…..some questions….

  1. mel47834 says:

    Yes we did manage to have a good day inspite of it all. And yes her surgery is on Friday the 13th. We are not superstitious, it’s a good thing. We will all help Jenni and Vedran through this journey and have as much fun as we can when we can.

  2. Carrie says:

    So incredibly proud of all of you. Keep finding reasons to laugh, sometimes that’s the only thing you can do.

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