Warning…Crude humor!

I woke up at about 2 am laughing so hard I hurt. Now, anyone that knows me, knows that when I have a laughing fit, it involves my whole body. My nose crunches up, my eyes are forced closed and I wheeze. And it doesn’t stop there….this funny moment may come back periodically throughout the day, week, month….maybe even 5 years from now. It will invoke this same laughing “attack”. The good thing about it is that everyone else laughs, I always assume they’re laughing with me, but I know that’s not the truth.

Anyway, to the dream that caused such laughter. I was in a room surrounded by people at tables making posters. We were all very serious about these posters, hushed voices working hard. People are talking about “hand cancer”. I look down and my poster says “Find a cure! Save the handjob!” That’s all I remember, that must be what invoked the laughing fit. I don’t know. The laughing fit came back in the shower because I thought “I have cancer of the hoo-hah, that’s a real problem!”

I thought I’d leave everyone with that tidbit today. I’m off camping for the weekend with my husband, family and friends. It should be a nice getaway. Have a FANTASTIC weekend everyone!


3 thoughts on “Warning…Crude humor!

  1. Janine Mullinix says:

    And, here when I first started reading, I thought it was my 2AM prayers for you that stirred you from your slumber!

  2. Lisa Whitaker says:

    The laughing fits reminds me of the time we went to Cypress Gardens before it became Legoland. We went for their Halloween thing and rode that water ride. Your laugh was so hysterical it made us all laugh. Keep on laughing!

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