Well, here goes my first attempt at blogging….

I never thought about writing a blog.  I’m not a writer, I don’t have time for that, no one would read it anyway. Well, here I am, writing a blog.  I guess my decision to write it came a few weeks ago.  My life took a turn that I never expected.  I learned that so many people out there care, but don’t want to ask, don’t know what to say or do.  So, here goes my back story.

A little over 3 years ago my husband and I got married.  We wanted to start a family right away.  After a year, with no luck, we started seeing different doctors, trying to figure out what the issue was.  After seeing several Doctors in Florida, we had ZERO answers. Fast forward 3 years, we moved back up to Indiana to be near my family.  Thinking we were very close to starting a family, I knew I needed my mother.  Little did I know just how much I would need her.

In February, I made an appointment with a Dr. to make a plan to make a baby.  He was totally on board, plan in place.

March 5th: Pap came back abnormal. A week later, I had a biopsy to check further.

April 10th: I had a LEEP procedure to remove precancerous cells from my surgery.

April 22nd: Pathology report came back showing microinvasive cancer of the cervix.  Referred to an oncologist.

May 1st: Meeting with the oncologist.  A hysterectomy was recommended.  My world was shattered.

May 9th: Oncologist called to report further lab results.  The cancer is an adenoma carcinoma, requiring a radical hysterectomy, radiation and possibly chemotherapy.  Another surgeon will be performing the surgery.

I am obviously devastated, heartbroken, terrified and pissed off all at the same time.  I’m struggling with my faith at best.  The surgery is scheduled for June 13th.  I’m meeting with the surgeon next Wednesday, May 21st to discuss the plan and hopefully move the surgery up if possible.

I appreciate the prayers, kind words, and supports.  I’m ready to fight and do EVERYTHING that I need to in order to beat this.

I have so many things to be thankful for out of this awful situation.  I’m here in Indiana, surrounded by family and friends, my husband has amazing insurance and this diagnosis will not put us in the poor house, I had the foresight to take out a Cancer Policy in August.  The only thing we can do is move forward and make the best out of a bad situation.  I know that not every day will be a good day, but I know that I can make it through the bad days because good days are ahead.  I will keep up this blog as frequently as possible.  I think it will be a good outlet for my emotions, feelings and nervous energy.


14 thoughts on “Well, here goes my first attempt at blogging….

  1. Deb Swearingen says:


    I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I knew something was wrong, but had no idea what. I don’t like to intrude or impose on others so I am often not informed of others circumstances. If you ever need a ride to a treatment or just a shoulder to cry on, I would be happy to help in any way. I have had 4 friends that have fought this intrusive disease. Please, let me know if you need anything.
    Keep up the good fight,
    Deb Swearingen

    • Thank you Deb. I’ve been struggling with how to put this out there. There is no gentle, or less awkward way to say it. I’m sure I will be calling on help from all corners this summer.

  2. Robin Leach says:

    Oh, Jenni, I’m so very sorry. I know this is a terrible time for you, and it is such a loss. I am so glad you are back home with your family. We are grieving for you and Vedric, and your family, and the ones we will never know. We love you, Cousin Jenni, and are praying for you during this dark time.

  3. Amanda Gaddis says:

    I’m a friend of Andra Wolfe’s…we are in the same small group. I want you to know that our small group and Sunday school class is lifting you up in prayer. I cannot imagine the mountain on your shoulders. But the great thing is that we have a wonderful God. He is on our side to lift us up and carry us through. Have faith in him… As difficult as that seems right now. He has everything planned out.


  4. Evalee says:

    Jenni, I have watched you grow from a teenager to a wonderful young woman, always looking forward to updates from your dad or Facebook on what new exciting adventure you were embarking on…I just knew whatever changes that came to you, you would be up for the challenge. This is because the years you worked with us in our little office at Bemis told us a lot about the kind of girl you are…funny, smart, caring, destined for success. One of the things I know from getting to know you as a friend in those years is that you are a strong girl too who can overcome any obstacle put in your way. My heart breaks for you and I know this is scary, and I know this shakes your faith, but I know you are strong and on the days you aren’t feeling so strong, you have a strong group of people around you. I will be keeping you, your husband and all of your family in my prayers everyday. Praying for healing and strength!

  5. Tiffanie says:

    I do not know you but I would like too. I will be praying that things get best tter for you and in the the mean time the good days out weigh the bad. God Bless!!!

  6. Jill Horak says:

    If ever there was somebody who could tackle this head-on, it’s you! I am so glad you are at home with your family while you go through this journey. We all will be keeping you in our prayers everyday. I know it’s really tempting to lose your faith during all of this, but, from personal experience, I am asking you to hold tight to it-some days take all of your faith and then some! Thanks so much for wanting to share your experiences. Stay Strong!

  7. Linda says:

    Hi Jenni… I don’t know you nor you I… But I will keep you in my prayers. 6 yrs ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and beat it. You can beat this too!! Stay positive …and lean on your loved ones. 😃

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